Former Suns’ wing Mikal Bridges says Monty Williams ‘not the problem’ in Phoenix

Former Suns wing Mikal Bridges has enjoyed living in New York since being traded to Brooklyn right before Feb. 9 trade deadline, but selling his 6,682-square foot home in Phoenix and now living in a much smaller space hurts.

“I had to sell my crib, you know how nice that house is,” said Bridges in interview on The Pivot Podcast that posted this weekend. “How much I got it for and to where I paying where I am now in that little condo? Phoenix got a lot of plus and I love it there, the people there and everything, but New York is just different. It’s another spot I always wanted to live in.”  

Bridges bought the Paradise Valley home two years ago for $6.075 million as he received a four-year, $90-million rookie extension going into the 2021-22 season.  

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